Give it away now!!

9 Feb

 I’m trying to let go of my own expectations for myself and what my life should end up looking like from the outside looking in. I’m here, now, and it’s as real as I’ll ever be so why let my moments be spent on tomorrows worries or yesterdays mistakes? Theres a quote for this mentality I’m trying to achieve “a great life is nothing more than a series of days well lived strung together like a string of pearls”. All I have to do is be my best today, to love enough today, to live enough today and one day I will look back on my life and smile and nod in approval. I will be wrinkled and aged and weathered but I’d like to think I’d spent all the love I had in my storehouse.

Mother Teresa was asked how she could love everybody like she does and she said that she sees Jesus in each person. Each and every one of us hold a piece of the infinite creating source within. If we are all part of a greater god or being then we’re all connected and loving another person or showing a tender act is ultimately….like loving yourself. Don’t you notice how you feel amazing when you help out another person or do a little act of kindness. You rightly should feel good, you just acted from your connection from the creating source affecting another being with the same source with goodwill and love. An action as such improves the happiness level of the recipient and yourself and just like that….you contributed to the general level of happiness in the world!! 


The other day I stopped to give a homeless person a 5 dollar bill. Now, this was during a week where I had considered cancelling my trip to Nicaragua because I hadn’t enough money for my plane ticket and the trip was less than 3 weeks away. I believe that when you need something you give it out to the people around you and it will undoubtedly come back to you in a major way. Thus, when you’re broke, like I was, and you need money, like I did, you give money away, like I did, and you get money back.

While at the bank checking on the unchanging status of my financial state I took a 20 dollar bill and asked for all 5 dollar bills. I left with the intention to give the money away and after passing the first stranger I wanted to give a bill too I realised that this was awkward.How do you just give money away with no explanation, without being institutionalized or being the host of some  obscure tv show? I purchased a sandwich and a coffee and passed it off to a homeless man outside a coffee shop. “God bless you,” he said. I went further down the way and handed a five dollar bill into another homeless mans hand. He grabbed my hand and rubbed it against his stubbly cheek with a look of love upon his face. “God bless you” he said.

I walked away thinking about their words. “God bless you”. These men were down and out on their luck but they still spoke of God. They had every reason to not believe in God, and in fact, maybe even despise saying the word. Imagine being beat down by a world and when you succumb to giving up the fight you become a social outcast living on the outskirts of second-rate empathy. Where would God be in that? Yet with their eyes held a light and they still spoke of God. I know of beings who turned their backs on any form of God for much less of a reason, and it moved me that God manifested himself right along that block.

I focused on giving as much of me and my resources and time away as I possibly could. It’s funny when you start to realise that your life just isn’t about you but about those around you. I gave more of my time, my advice, my ear, my food, my hugs, my smiles, my handshakes, my laughter, my love out into the universe. Yet I still held worry and I focused on what I was lacking every day. I still didn’t have enough. How would I ever get enough? I felt very foolish for wanting to go build schools in another country when I couldn’t even afford to pay for a plane ticket and I began to scold myself. I almost thought “I shouldn’t be doing stuff that is out of my reach in the first place” and that is not a thought that should EVER be in ANYONES mind. Then it hit me. I needed to believe that the universe would provide and just let go. I spent a few minutes being thankful for my plane ticket and stirring up the exact emotions that would accompany it and then I resigned my worry over to the big guy, or girl.  By 5 o’clock that day I received a hefty amount and a phone call that more was on its way. I would have enough for my plane ticket.

A friend once told me that Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chilli peppers wrote the song “Give it Away” because of a friend of his who had a jacket he really adored and that the friend adored equally. The friend gave that jacket to Anthony and it confused him so he asked his friend why give it away if you love it so much and the friend replied, “Because when you love something, sometimes you just have to give it away”.

The universe is amazing and giving out what you need only makes sure that you’ll get it back. This works with everything!

 So give it away!!

Sealed with Love



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