Day 4 Project LOL: Living Out Love

2 Jan

In order to feel fully committed to Project LOL I had some not so loving loose ends that needed be snipped. Trying to bathe in love with a slow trickle of negative energy filling the bucket is unnecessary and redundant. I figured that it was time to plug the bucket and make some extra love deposits along the way.

When events go awry and things move in an unexpected direction or friends mouths utter words that hit the heart it can be hard to NOT get upset. However, I think a lot of people forget that the only thing that they have control over is their own personal reactions. No one makes you feel anything. Their actions caused you to react in a certain way producing the emotions you experience. You created the reaction, you interpreted the event. By creating new reactions, you create better vibes, and a brighter outcome.

Event + Action = Outcome.

I swallowed that short but immensely large formula and wrote an apology letter to someone where I initially felt that I had been done wrong and slightly mistreated. I voiced that I had “allowed myself to become upset and feel hurt” and in turn reacted childishly. Notice that I said that I allowed myself, not “you made me”. When we give someone the power to upset you or hurt you, you give your power away. Own your reactions. The beauty of it is that you can be happy from within and no one will be able to touch that gemstone because it’s all yours, not produced externally. It ended well, the recipient then owned their feelings which had been building and it ended in love, not accusations.

I will be making some more Love Notes tonight to take on an upcoming trip with me. Project LOL hits the road! I am going to be getting these paper bound messengers of peace and good love out into the universe.

My Project LOL activity for the day is writing out an appreciation letter to someone to tell them that I value them and why I appreciate them. It always feels good when some one throws a compliment your way or goes out of their way to send a quick note. I know that when I have received letters like this they have completely made my way and it’s a sign of sorts from the Creator that yes, you are on the right path! I will keep you informed on Project LOL’s next movement, until next time lovers.

Signed and Sealed with Love,

Helen Knott


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