Day 5/6 Project LOL: Living Out Love

4 Jan

Good day Lovers!

What a fabulous day to be alive and breathing and to have my health intact. Having our health is something we commonly overlook and tend to take it for granted, so if you got it, send a quick thankyou upwards for it. Yesterday I had to make a mini road trip and during that trip rain started to come down in sheets which made it difficult to see and challenging to drive. To add to mother natures mid winter madness, I was heading to put on new tires so the vehicle wobbled on my way. I did what I’ve learned to do during “unfavourable weather” and I gave thanks for it!

When I went to another territory to do a half marathon I spoke with an elder there who talked about the beauty and sacredness of water. People spent days at the headwaters praying for it because it is what nourishes the land and sustains all living creatures, including us. The next day when I laced up my shoes and began the 21.1km run it began to POUR down on all the runners. Within moments my shoes were soaked and my feet squished around in my shoes. I recalled what the elder said and I started to give thanks for this beautiful water that was coming down on us and asked that it would bless the land that it touched and the people and animals that it nourished.

I gave thanks for most of the run for everything and anything. My mind conversation looked like this: “Thank you for that bird. Thank you for these amazing hills. Thank you that I am able to run. Thank you for that cute guy running in front of me!”

Since then, I have learned to give thanks for the weather and really try to see the beauty in what I use to have distaste for. It’s kind of like life in the sense that when things are going hard you find what you are thankful for and focus on the positive.

I’ve tried to remind myself of a principle and that is to “Trust God to provide” and when I am in need I try to give more. At times this has left me feeling foolish because when I had done this in the past I was a single mother student working part-time to make ends meet. Yet what you give more of you receive! Of course this should not be a motive for giving because it undermines the entire purpose of giving. I have been astounded how things have almost always worked out for me, and when they haven’t I trust that it was for a good reason.

I am going to be starting a new job and I don’t really have a lot of “professional” clothes but I do own a single pair of dress pants. I remember when I needed a pair of dress pants for an upcoming interview and I had to borrow money in order to buy them. There has got to be other women and/or men who are in that very same spot. It’s something small but can proper clothes can seem to be a big barrier in acquiring a new position. It has been on my heart to buy a pair of dress pants and donate them for another woman who might not have the support to borrow money. So that is my Living Out Love movement for the day!

Signed and Sealed with Love,



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