Charitable Blunders and Beauty

21 Sep

One time I bought a coffee for a homeless man. I seen him hobbling along pushing his shopping cart and as I drove by and noted the cold autumn wind moving the tree tops I thought a coffee was in order. I bought it and came back to where he was perched. He had moved to beside a convenience store and went inside.

I decided to leave the coffee anonymously. I got out of my vehicle to place it in the cart when I realized it was full of groceries. He was just heading home with food. Nonetheless I stuck the coffee in there and drove off.

I always giggle to myself when I make these blunders.

Another time I was in an eatery and sitting at my table when a young severely disabled girl came in. She asked at the front the cost of various items and sat down in a booth. Every few minutes she would get up and ask the price of another meal, then sit down again.

I could hear the clinking of her change as she counted money.

I finished my meal and she still had not ordered.

I thought to myself, “well it’s now or never!”

I asked her if I could buy her a lunch just because I wanted too.

I watched her face grow indignant and she angrily told me, “I am going to buy my own food for myself. I can do that. I’m going to buy it.”

I apologized and felt awkward like I had just assaulted her independence.

Another time a woman showed up beside my vehicle while I was on a pit stop on a painfully long road trip. I gave her my 6 inch sub.

I realized an hour down the road that I had no money for food and I was hungry. Again, I chuckled.

My son and I were eating at a fast food chain with my parents over the summer. My son dipped and swirled his french fries in ketchup but he refused to eat his burger. I know my son will not eat burgers but my father did not.

A man came in wearing shabby clothes, his face adorned with a patchy beard of various lengths and he dug around in the garbage until he found a large fountain cup. He walked over to the pop fountain and filled up the cup than exited.

I seen him stop and look in another garbage.

“One second,” I told my father as I scooped up my sons burger that was going to find its way into the garbage.

I ran outside and asked the man if he was hungry and whether or not he would like the burger that my son didn’t want.

The man refused and asked me for money. I told him I didn’t have anyways and walked back inside still holding the burger.

You can’t help but feel a little foolish in these situations. Like you should just get off your high rocker and stop trying to pitch in. But if you stopped trying, then the ones who really need it, will never get the helping hand that might completely shift their perspective or just provide for them in a way that is needed.

Yesterday morning I stopped at a convenience store and noted a small woman standing outside clutching a bag. Her eyes fixed on a spot that held nothing but oil stains and paint lines. She did not look up once.

Later that night we were driving to a coffee shop and I seen the same woman digging in the garbage.

I picked her up a sandwich and told my cousin we were going to go find her. My previous encounter with the disabled lady and fountain cup man had made feel cautious.

I joked as we cruised the streets looking for her, “How do we do this anyways? Without being super creepy?”

Hey lady, I bought you something and stalked you. Wanna sandwich?”

Feel the awkwardness and do it anyway.

I had the idea to check the convenience store I seen her at earlier and my intuition paid off. It was night-time now and only a few cars were in the lot. She stood, clutching her bag, eyes fixed on the same spot, her face stone like.

I got out and walked over to her.

“Hey,” I said.

Her eyes moved towards my face, “Hi,” she said.

She is probably in her mid forties and she has stunning blue eyes that look like possibility.

“I uh, seen you earlier and I bought you this, it’s a sandwich,” I held it out to her.

Her eyes lit up and she had a beautiful soul filled smile on her face.

“Thank you so much. It means a lot,” she said as she took it from me.

I could tell she wanted to shake my hand. I could tell she wanted to but didn’t know if I would shake hers.

I spread open my arms and hugged her.

“Have a good night sweetheart,” I said.

“Thanks again!” she said.

The woman at the convenience store had given me the most beautiful smile I had seen all day and I was thankful to her for it.

So these random simple acts of kindness do not come without blunder but they do come with beauty.



Helen K



2 Responses to “Charitable Blunders and Beauty”

  1. shirl September 21, 2012 at 10:45 am #

    i think sometimes in doing good we share them same blunders…of not knowing .sometimes walking away feeling a lil foolish or walkign away with a new touch of beauty given to us such as a smile that warms our souls…….never the less we should not let the blunder days halt what we feel in our hearts because whats counts are the days where what we do really matters..keep shareing your love and kindness lord knows in this world a bright smile and a hug is what really makes a day or a giving gesture knowing there are ppl like you my girl out there ………lots of x0x0x0

  2. johncoyote September 24, 2012 at 1:20 am #

    In our world. We need acts of kindness. Even in error. We tried to be kind. Thank you for the story.

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