Star Gaze from Alley Ways

15 Feb

In the daylightalleyway

we can hold all of our lies

up to the sun

and see through them.

Mistake these moments

for clarity,

commit polygamy,

and marry different versions

of our selves.

Force them

to share the same bed.




We hold our hearts

over open fires.

Dip our tongues

in cool waters.

Give offerings

to the landscape

of our souls.


Construct skyscrapers

at night

where the sun would rise.


Star gaze from alleyways.

Under a haze of cigarette smoke,

our bleary eyes

give birth to new constellations.


Thumbing holes

in last night’s nylons

like rosary beads



creating our own meaning,

even if our conceptions

are contradictions.

We march forward,

not knowing our destination,

or state upon arrival.



Times when I am


surrounded by


sky         land        water


absent of


metal    iron        asphalt


I see God’s face.




Grace filled.


Pure Light.



I get this scary feeling


the lies

I ate as a sedative

the night before,


are no longer

sufficient replacements


of the truth.


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