The World in my Hand

25 Feb

I read somewhere once that eating an apple is like biting into the world. I sit here, typing with one bitten-apple-150hand, a beautiful gala apple in the other, reflecting on this thought.

This apple came from a tree, a tree that was once a seed. A seed that extracted nutrients from the soil, pulled on sunshine like a t-shirt, and sucked back air like the first breath of a new delivery. Life.

After soaking in the elements and battling those elements that were non-conducive to it’s survival and flourishment, it began to fulfill it’s original seedling purpose… bear fruits of course! Hands picked this apple, packed it up, and after an exchange of money, found it’s way to my home, my hands, my awaiting mouth.

The whole world is in an apple, you just need to look a little closer.



Helen K


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