The Good Heart Project: School Building it UP

11 Mar

A year and a bit ago I began to w5213_126028231626_1197467_nork for this phenomenal organization called Schoolbox. This budding organization build schools in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. Prior to working for them, I went on two school build trips and fell in love with the bright eyed children and the tough comical mamas in Nicaragua. (Photo take ontop of Volcano Cerro Negro).

Here is a rough- pre edited cut of an interview I did last year with the local TV news.

Right now, I am not working for them but I am still recruiting volunteers for the program and walking hopefulls through the process. Honestly, I love volunteering for them more than I do working for them!!

Sounds crazy right?

Not really. I guess I don’t like being expected to do something that I just LOVE doing and maybe it’s when I do it more from a place of heart I get to experience the benefits more. The school build experience that is targeted at Indigenous youth between the ages of 18-29 and includes a cultural exchange, has the capacity to CHANGE lives on both ends and knowing that I can contribute even in that small way is totally worth it.

That being said, I am meeting with a group next week to start to help plan the first round of fund raisers and I am sooo excited.

I realize that I didn’t post yesterday for the GHP and that was due to me being a volunteer worker at an Aboriginal youth conference from 9am-12am. The conference and youth are an inspirational story all on their own! Now, after completing some neglected homework, the bed is calling my name and I must answer it.

Get your volunteer on!

With love,

Helen K

For more information on schoolbox visit:


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