Poking Fun at Addictions & Depression

2 Apr

Serious stuff can’t always be approached seriously. Seriously. Laughing at life and the lot that you are sometimes stuck with is the key to lightening a heavy load. I’ve compiled a few of my favourite moments where laughing at my afflictions made me feel human again.


Recent Depression Humor:

“I’m so glad it’s summer. The winter season just seems to add another layer onto my depression. shrekMy depression has layers, like an onion.”

“So you’re kind of like an ogre then too?”

“My depression is an onion that is like an ogre. Okay donkey?”


Treatment Centre humor:

I’m trying to find a game to play that isn’t battleship and I’m rifling through the games cupboard.

Me: “Hey guys, what about the game LIFE?”

I remember playing this as a kid, you get a family, a career, property, the whole nine yards.

Other Person: “Helen, we’ve all tried our hand at life, and apparently we haven’t done so well,” they reply sweeping their hand widely, to bring note to the treatment centre cafeteria.

Alcoholic Humor:

Guy #1 passes the book to the next guy over so that he could read a passage allowed. Guy #2 shakes his head and passes the book along.

Guy #1 says: “if only you could avoid whiskey like you avoid reading, you wouldn’t have to be here!”


A handful of us students are in the cafeteria discussing the addictions training that will be offered on campus next month. We are weighing the pros and cons of enrolling in the non-credit course.

Me: “Well, I figure I don’t need the addictions course. I took addictions in life!”.

School of hard knocks baby.

Anything can be laughed at, it may shock other people, but it’s not for their sanity!


Helen K


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