Truth Be Told

29 Apr

I need something real,

I need you to give me the truth of what it means to be

Not the falsified version

That comes manufactured or pre-packaged

In pill bottles, or dripping from glass rims,

Lifted off the glossy pages laden with bronzed skins

I want truth that doesn’t come with a price tag

with choices between brand name or generic

Grade A authentic or street corner merit

I need the truth of what it means to be alive

To make sense of all the needless suffering

That my eyes have swallowed

It’s made its way to the pit of my stomach

my heart took its cue and followed

It’s not where it supposed to be,

Now Im asking for the truth

And wondering, can you even hear me?

I have never seen her cry

Not even when placed into foster homes

Or after following men into alley ways and soiled back seats of cars

Where exchanges equaled them sticking their appendages deep into her little girl heart

Were you there on those godless nights riding in on the fm waves of the radio?

Or the moment when

My grandfather took his last beat down breath, bed ridden and hand over chest

Cancer ate up his everything until he had nothing left

I can still see him in his crisp white tee, hair slicked back,

And smelling of old spice

Were you there that night?

I’m trying to forget or remember

I’m stuck somewhere in between the two

Like a captured sun in a photograph, caught forever at high noon

Can I forget these moments?

Cut their frame out of the film

And feed them to the fire

So Ill never have to witness the playback

But even when burnt these corpse memories

Find their way back

I need you to give me the truth

I need it now

I need it here

In my homeland

I need it you to give me the truth

I need it now

I need it here

In my city

I need you to give me the truth

I need it now

I need it here

Right in me

Place that treasure in to my 24 boned chest

Maybe then I can believe in something miraculous


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