The Good Heart Project: Follow the Prompts

30 May


I’m not necessarily a good person, I know that I am capable of some seriously fucked up shit. I know because I have done it, but it’s these experiences that keep me grounded. It all comes down to knowing what “bad” and “sketchy” things you are capable of and making that moment by moment choice to do otherwise. Eventually the choice falls away and doing what is “good” becomes the natural choice.

I do what are considered to be “good” things because I am following my bliss. Or looking out for prompts from the universe.

Yesterday a canvasser for World Vision came to my door. She said she was here earlier and came back to speak to mom. I nodded for her to proceed.

She looked at me curiously through her big youthful brown eyes, “So.. is mom here?”

I was only a year or two older than her.

“That’s me,” I chuckled at her apprehension.

“Sorry,” she said, ” you just look super young to be mom.”

“Well the girl you talked to first, is my little cousin. She lives with me. Only the 5 year old is mine,” I laughed knowing she was trying to work the math out in her head.

“Okay I see now,” she said with a giggle and a smile, “So mom, what if I said we could change somebody’s life in 5 minutes?”

“Oooh you are good,” I say to her, admiring her pitch aloud.

“Seriously, it’s a great cause and the work that’s done is so incredibly important. You can dramatically improve a kids life with this,” she says enthusiastically.

I let her chit chat for a bit before I drop the bomb on her.

“What’s the organization?” I ask her.

“World Vision,” she answers.

“Sweetheart, I already sponsor two kids through Care Canada. So I’m probably not looking to pick up a third,” I say to her gently.

“Oh no way!,” she squeals, “No one would expect you to anyways. Big ups to you, raising your son and sponsoring two kids.”

I shrug my shoulders.

“How do you like doing this? I mean it must be hard sometimes,” I ask her, nodding my head towards her clipboard.

“I like the small towns because people will talk but I’m committed because I believe in what we are doing! I believe that we really are helping change lives and so that helps me move forward,” she’s buzzing with energy now, “we have pep talks every morning and our team leaders always say to imagine opportunity as the Aces in a deck of cards. You know those Aces are in there, you just don’t know when you’re going to get them.”

“I love that analogy, it’s so applicable to anything in life!” I reply with the same energy. It makes me think of how Walt Disney got rejected some 100 plus times for funding for the Disney Theme Parks. It all comes down to persistence.

“What are you?” she asks.

“Ummm… what?” I say, cocking my head to the side.

“Like your background, I can see you’re something else,” she says as she is waving her dark brown hands in a circular fashion over her face and chest area as if to indicate where she can see the differences in me.

“Oh, I’m Native American,” I tell her, “two tribes. The Dane Zaa and Cree.”

We talk a little bit more and then I start receiving the prompt to give her a pair of earrings I made. I think back to the prompt, ludicrous! I just made those earrings and it took me like 10 hours. The visual image of the earrings keeps popping up and I know that they’ve found a new home. I am stuck with the task of breaking this into conversation.

“I want to gift you something,” I say sheepishly. Damn it prompts, always getting me into awkward situations.

“Me?” she says surprised, “Oh no, no. There’s no need.”

“No,” I say trying to put some words together, “they’re earrings I made. Remember how I said I’m Native? Well I bead, and so they’re like traditional earrings I made. I feel like I’m supposed to give them to you and it’s no big deal. I’m just listening to what I feel needs to be done.”

This is the make or break moment in any kind activity.

“Alright,” she says with a big smile on her face.

I grab the earrings and listen to her make small talk with my son and little cousin in the doorway. I come over and slip the leopard print earrings, earrings that I was hoping to sell to make some extra needed cash, into her hands.

She squeals. She is a squealer. We hug. I wave goodbye.

Maybe I wasn’t an Ace, but I was a wild card and who knows? Maybe that moment will give the whole team a much needed boost during their campaigns.

I’m not necessarily a good person by any means, I just follow the prompts and try to do my best. Let me tell you, it feels good to obey the prompts.

The Good Heart Project is alive and well.

Much Love

Helen K


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