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Thunder Fire

11 May


Nataneh Kwun . Thunder Fire.

Two words for lightening.

He rattled her rib cage

and left the landscape of her spirit

b  l  a  z  i  n  g.

His mere presence inspiring fire.

He has feasted

on parched country before.

Her eyes and the mouths of rain barrels

looked to the sky

for answers.

Nataneh Kwun

Next time

she will name

her beloved

something less prophetic.


Dishinit Sakeh

            These names have meaning and power

choose your words wisely

Her Grandma should have warned her

When the language first broke from her lips

N – a – t – a – n – e – h     K – w – u – n

She liked the way

it rolled off of her tongue.

Fell in love with how

the syllables reverberated in the canyon of her mouth.

Had chosen the name

She would call him

Before he even appeared

I will call my sweetheart

something in the language

reclaim our people’s right to love

Idealistically resurrecting tongue

To solidify love on the territory

it was birthed from

The first time

she uttered it

in his ear

she had already defined the


The storm that followed him almost swallowed her               w h o l e

Shakespeare was wrong Grandma,

in all of his colonial wisdom,

she said weeping into her lap,

E v  e  r  y  t  h  i  n  g   is   in   a   name.

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