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Love Lightly

5 May

I love Sunday morning writing and have had the following poem stuck in my head, so I penciled it out this morning. This time I recorded it to share 🙂


Much love,


Helen K

The Good Heart Project: Sad Times

13 Mar

Today is my second day after my break-up. Today sucks. I’m a sad panda missing my bamboo baby. Haha, yes that was extravagantly lame, you and I both caught that. Does being melancholy permit me to write ridiculous nonsense? I think so.

At lunch time I went to drop off some sandwiches from a catered lunch to my classmate who missed the gathering because of a sick kid. I showed up randomly at her door holding a bag of sandwiches and a cheesy smile on my face.

She had tears in held back in her eyes. They came. I held her till they stopped.

Magical timing.

One time I held a lady while she cried in the waiting room of my gynecologists. We shared the empty waiting room and her tears came consistently and I could detect the stifled breathing and measures to keep it all in. To keep it all together.

I asked, “Do you need a hug?”

We met in the middle of the waiting room and under the fluorescent buzzing lights, on the shiny laminate flooring, we shared a moment of compassion.

She trusted me enough to let me hug her, a complete stranger, and support her in that moment.

I was just upstairs being a sad panda, typing out and deleting unsent texts to my ex-partner. Then typing something else out and deleting it again. It was I who ended it, it was I who said we were at different stages. What gives?

The heart knows no reason nor does it give you any reasons for its clingy sad-faced tendencies.

Then it was my turn to cry. I came downstairs and my poor teenager cousin asked me if I needed a hug. A question I wanted to leave floating in the air because I have my big girl pants on today and  I looked at her and shrugged.

She held me. I cried. I cried until they stopped.


That is all for today,

Helen K


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