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Tell me its going to be okay

6 Apr

Tell me that you’ll be okay
And I’ll look you in the eye and agree
Not because I believe,
but because I believe it’s what you need
You need to know that I am able
to witness your best breaking dawn
I see the truth of you
scared to pick up and carry on

I’ll cover you with my faith

Help you banish the fears you face

I’ll lie and tell you it’s going to be okay

not just because a lie tastes sweet

but because you need to know,

there’s another option besides defeat

with feet tripping in every wrong direction

life hitting you with every other lesson

Tell me that it’s all going to be okay

and I’ll agree

because I believe that if you believe it,

It wont turn out any other way.

Grief Garden

1 Aug

Loving isn’t always easy. It’s actually quite hard when somedays you can’t feel the sunlight upon your skin and everything that has never made sense catches up to you.┬áThe right action takes work and I’m trying to allow all of my frustrations and fears to be planted deep in spiritual grounding. If I tend to them, nourish them, and give them the room they need, they can grow into a beautiful Grief Garden. Born of struggle and hardship, toiled with labour and pain, and grown into something strongly and wildly amazing. Give me beauty for my ashes.

Signed and Sealed with Love,

Helen K

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