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Him, a Lonely Hymn

22 Sep

sometimes I am a woman

turned into yearning

my limbs become longing

i find myself as the manifested absence of comfort

sometimes i am memory lapses

i forget my own legs

carried me this far

i reach for you

to fill the s p a c e

knowing that you are not the him I’ve been waiting for

knowing you could be any him

a lonely hymn on my lips

a tune I can’t carry past the dawn

you are moonlight without the magic

i am conjurer

creating the illusion of connection

i am lost woman

and your body is my map

your arms the borders that keep me from spilling into unchartered territory

constant and interchangeable you

i apologize

for the times my longing called your name

for the times i made you him when you were you

i have been learning to live inside my own skin

i have been learning how to love my lonely hymn

i am a woman

and i have made it this far

on my own two feet and own accord

i am finding my way with out the hims and yous

finding my way to my own beautiful lonely truths

i am…

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